NATO helicopters go into action in Libya

NATO helicopter gunships destroyed a number of targets in Libya west of Misratah on Monday, 13 June.

For the first time NATO helicopter gunships went into action last Monday, attacking various government assets on the ground and at sea. Two RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) were destroyed off the town of Zlitan since they posed a threat to maritime traffic in the area.

Shortly afterwards an anti-aircraft machine gun and three military vehicles were also destroyed near Zlitan, about 60km west of Misratah. The commander of Operation “Unified Protector” Canadian LtGen Charles Bouchard says, “This operation shows the flexibility of attack helicopters. They make it harder for the regime forces to hide their weapons and troops.”

NATO aircraft flew more than 11000 sorties since 31 March, 136 alone yesterday. In addition 1344 vessels have been hailed by NATO warships off the Libyan coast.

(Source: NATO Allied Joint Force Command)


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