Israeli Air Force Strikes Tunnel in Gaza

Yesterday, 22 June, the Israeli Air Force carried out an air strike against a tunnel located in the central Gaza Strip in the area of Dayr al-Balah.

According to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) the strike was a response to two Qassam rockets fired into Israel from that region. The IDF says it holds the Hamas solely responsible for any terrorist activity coming from the Gaza Strip and will react harshly to any such attempt.

According to the IDF the tunnel was destroyed with a direct hit. Hamas fighters and other members of terrorist groups repeatedly used such tunnels to infiltrate Israeli territory and carry out attacks.

Hamas claims that the air strike ’caused massive devastation and destruction’ while at the same time stating that an ’empty area’ was targeted. Hamas said the Qassam rocket attack was a provocation executed by collaborators with dummy rockets to give Israel an excuse for the attack.

The Al-Qassam Brigades say in a statement on their website that they ‘are ready to respond to any Israeli attack’.

(Sources: Israeli Defence Forces, Al-Qassam Brigades; 23 June 2011)


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