Special Forces Capture Five al-Qaeda Operatives

ISAF and Afghan special operations forces captured five al-Qaeda operatives, one of them a senior figure, during a raid on 23 June in Ghazni province.

According to ISAF the raid was carried out to apprehend a ‘senior al-Qaeda facilitator who typically operates from Pakistan’. The facilitator helps to plan terrorist operations and moves fighters, money and materials into Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The nighttime raid took place in Gelan district, a known al-Qaeda haven southeast of the capital Kabul. Nobody was injured during the operation.

Ghazni province is long known to be a hub for al-Qaeda and its allies because of its proximity to key points. The provincial capital is only about 50km from Kabul and borders on South Waziristan, a tribal area in Pakistan, known to provide safe haven for al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters.

Meanwhile President Obama announced last Wednesday that US troops will be reduced by 10,000 by the end of the year. The ongoing terrorist activities raise concern in some circles that the troop reduction might be exploited by jihadist groups to step up their operations.

(Sources: ISAF, The Long War Journal, IPT; 25 June 2011)


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