Swedish Ship to Gaza Sabotaged in Greece

The Organisation ‘Swedish Ship to Gaza’ claims in a statement today that the damages to its ship have been a deliberate act.

While being berthed at the port of Piraeus near Athens in Greece, the ship ‘Juliano’ suffered damages to the props and the propeller shaft. The press coordinator of the group says, that hostile divers caused the damage but their identity it is not yet known. He continued saying that “the only thing we can be sure of is that the perpetrators will be representing those who don’t want us to succeed in our mission”.

According to a first assessment the damage can be repaired in a few days but will cost up to 15.000 US Dollar to fix.

The ‘Juliano’ is co-owned by the Swedish, Norwegian and Greek Ship to Gaza organisations and is the smallest vessel of the fleet.

(Sources: The Local; 28 June 2011)


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