US Drone Attacks in Pakistan – 21 killed

Pakistani officials claim that 21 people were killed today in two US air strikes in  South Waziristan.

In the first attack four missiles were fired on a lorry. Locals say they pulled eight dead – three foreigners and five local Taliban fighters – from the wreckage.

A few hours later in a second attack south of Wana, the main town in South Waziristan, another drone fired two missiles at a house, killing at least 13 according to a security official. The identity of those killed is still unknown.

The US have stepped up air strikes in Pakistani territory in the last months to eliminate Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters who find a safe haven in Pakistan’s tribal areas of North and South Waziristan. The Pakistani authorities are either unwilling or unable to deal with the terrorist’s bases on their territory, the result is an increasing number of attacks by US Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, commonly known as drone).

(Sources: Al Jazeera; 27 June 2011)


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