Second Gaza Fleet Ship Sabotaged

After the damages to the screw of the Swedish-Greek ship ‘Juliano’ earlier this week, the irish vessel ‘Saoirse’ also suffered deliberate damages last night while being berthed in Turkish waters.

According to Dror Feiler, representative of the ‘European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza’ (ECESG), the engine on the irish vessel was damaged in “a professional and deliberate way, that would have caused the ship to sink in the middle of the ocean”. How any damage to a ship’s engine could cause the sinking of that ship remains unclear to the author, who has maritime training and experience.

Also unclear is, how someone could have sabotaged the ‘Saoirse’ while its whereabouts in Turkish waters were kept secret by the fleet organizers. However, the ECESG as well as the Hamas blame Israel for the damaging both flotilla ships.

It is expected that the organizers of the Gaza Fleet issue a statement about the latest events during a press conference today.

Meanwhile the website of the ECESG,, went offline because it was suspended by its hosting service ‘HostGator’.

It appears that the gloves have come off in this conflict, even before the Gaza Fleet has set sail to its destination. To get a clear picture about what is really going on is virtually impossible because neither the fleet organizers nor Israel seem to be interested in neutral and unbiased reports of the events. Our enquiries so far were either answered by propaganda or got ignored completely.

(Sources: al-Qassam Brigaden, Haaretz, Middle East & Balkans News own research; 30. Juni 2011)


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