Bulgarian Prime Minister: the Nations Problem is its “Bad Human Material”!

Bulgarian politicians – none of them known for unnecessary restraints when using swearwords – keep telling the voters, what they think of them. And nobody seems to mind…

The most recent Freedom House Organisation report says that democracy in Bulgaria is deteriorating. This does not really come as a surprise, since Bulgarian politicians are mainly concerned about safeguarding their positions, and real control – via an independent press and a real political opposition – is absent. What is surprising, is the seemingly infinite patience of the people enduring derogatory statements from their alleged ‘leaders’.

A most fruitful source of such statements is the Prime Minister himself, Mr. Boyko Borissov. The latest ‘Boykism’ was heard, when the PM compared the people to his pets, saying: “the Bulgarians are like dogs, you have to keep them on a tight leash.” Later, he sullenly explained that his words “have been taken out of context.”

On another occasion, frustrated with a question about food price hikes, the Prime Minister advised the Bulgarians that “if they find potatoes too expensive, they must start growing them” and suggested that he would be willing to show, how to plant them in a garden. Obviously he did not mean to use the extensive garden of his own house in the posh suburb of Bankia for the demonstration.

In another statement, about soaring unemployment among young people, he tried to convince young people to stay in the country telling them that there are “always free positions for shepherds.”

And during a doubtless incredibly important visit to the Bulgarian community in Chicago (yes, THAT Chicago!) he shared another wisdom with his listeners: “The problem of Bulgaria is the BAD HUMAN MATERIAL.”

One has to agree wholeheartedly to that, but only as far as Bulgarian ‘politicians’ are concerned. The problem is that the seed of self-respect is so deeply buried in the soul of this nation that it is highly likely that after the presidential election this fall Bulgaria will see a President Borissov! Could it be, that a nation deserves to be ruled by people like the current potato-planting PM???

(Comment by Middle East & Balkans News, 1 July 2011)


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