Fighting in east Afghanistan: 50 insurgents killed

The US Navy Times reported today at 1430 UTC that in the last two days international and Afghan forces killed more than 50 members of the Haqqani insurgents group in eastern Afghanistan during heavy fighting.

ISAF and Afghan forces found a way station for foreign fighters in Paktika province, a mountainous region near the Pakistani border. The encampment served as a staging area for fighters coming in from Pakistan and weapons cache for the Haqqani Network, a group of militants affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The militants were armed with AK-47 and RPG’s and were holed up in caves and bunkers.

The Haqqani are considered one of the most dangerous militant groups in Afghanistan, they are blamed for several high-profile terrorist attacks in the last years, including the assassination of a provincial governor.

(Sources: Navy Times; 22 July 2011)


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