Britain Recognizes Libyan Rebels as Legitimate Government

The British government has today officially recognized the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) as the rightful government of Libya. At the same time it has asked all diplomats of the Gaddafi regime to leave the UK.

Together with the recognition of the NTC the UK has freed Libyan financial assets in Britain worth 91 million pounds. Foreign Secretary Hague confirmed the recognition and said “This decision reflects the National Transitional Council’s increasing legitimacy, competence and success in reaching out to Libyans across the country.”

Hague also said that the UK will invite diplomats from the new Libyan government to represent their country in Britain.

The US, the EU, Canada, Australia and several other countries have already recognized the NTC as the legitimate government. Even a rather reluctant Chinese government has, according to Xinhua news, started talks with the Libyan rebels.

With only four more days to go before the beginning of the holy month Ramadan, the rebels fail to make any substantial gains. Neither in the West, in the Nafusa Mountains, nor around Brega the armed forces of the NTC made any progress recently. Despite four months of NATO air support and arms deliveries by the French government, the rebel troops basically march on the spot. This could be interpreted as securing positions before fighting is bound to slow down during August. It is also worth remembering, that temperatures now can reach 46 degrees, which also inhibits the abilities of the fighters.

(Sources: Reuters; 27 July 2011)


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