Kosovo Crisis Escalates

Earlier today Kosovo prime minister Hasim Thaci said during an inspection of special police forces that new operations will follow and paramilitaries in northern Kosovo will be defeated.

Thaci’s speech was broadcast on Serbian Radio early afternoon 2 August. The head of the government in Pristina also said, that “there will be no return to the previous situation”.

At the same time it was reported by NATO HQ in Naples, Italy, that the KFOR Tactical Operations Reserve battalion with 700 soldiers is being deployed to Kosovo because of the raising tensions. The troops will arrive in the country during the next few days.

KFOR soldiers spotted Serbian snipers and other armed individuals. KFOR says it will act decisively in the matter and sent at least one armoured personnel carrier (APC) into the area.

The Serbian Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic urged ethnic Serbs on Serbian RT radio to gather at the road blocks near the Serb-Kosovo border.

(Sources: Middle East & Balkans News own research; 2 August 2011)


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