Kosovo: Road Blocks Cleared but Tension Still High

During the last two nights KFOR soldiers, in  a surprise action, cleared four roadblocks in northern Kosovo but tensions are still high in the area. The 700-strong KFOR Reserve ready to move.

According to a comment made by the KFOR commander MG Bühler, during the last two nights KFOR soldiers were able to clear four barricades blocking access to border crossings in northern Kosovo. But tensions are still running so high, that after a few days of delay the KFOR Reserve Battalion was activated today. About 700 additional troops are ready to deploy to Kosovo on short notice to support the  6,000 soldiers already in the country.

MG Bühler also said, that KFOR does everything to de-escalate the situation, but continued, that “in the north people are for too long being instrumentalized by structures of radical politicians, extremists and criminals, that could  develop during the long time without any law and order.”

The unrest in northern Kosovo started after a dispute between Serbia and Kosovo over the recognition of customs stamps and while the Serbian government took measures to de-fuse the situation, the same could not be said about the provisional government of Kosovo.

(Sources: Focus, Augen geradeaus!; 2 August 2011)


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