Libyan Rebel Forces in Crisis

The armed forces of the Libyan opposition National Transitional Council seem to be more occupied with hunting infiltrators than fighting Gaddafi’s troops.

The Libyan opposition seems to be preoccupied in looking for pro-Gaddafi infiltrators in their ranks. Opposition leaders say they arrested dozens of armed men loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in their eastern bastion around Benghazi, but have suffered a blow in Libya’s west, losing a village at the foot of the strategic Nafusa mountain range.

At least 63 people suspected of having links to Gaddafi, and of murdering the rebels’ military chief, were rounded up by the rebels, following an hours-long battle in the opposition stronghold of Benghazi.

Security forces patrolled the streets overnight in a bid to track down more members of the pro-Gaddafi group, a rebel spokesman said.

Opposition forces captured the base of the Gaddafi loyalists, called the al-Nidaa Brigade, an armed group, which had been operating under the opposition’s banner, spokesman Mahmoud Shamam said. Medics said at least four opposition members and 11 pro-government troops were killed in the clashes.

(Sources: Al-Jazeera, Hurryiet; 2 August 2011)


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