Fighting in Libya Continues – Several Casualties During Skirmishes

Seven Libyan rebels have been killed and another 50 wounded during an attack of Gaddafi forces on the western city of Zlitan yesterday.

The skirmishes around Zlitan started after Gaddafi loyalist troops launched an attack against rebel positions in the towns outskirts. Rebel fighters told Al Jazeera that they where taken bey surprise during the early hours of Tuesday, 2 August. The Gaddafi troops have used tanks in the attack and tried to get into Zlitan itself by outflanking the defensive positions.

The fact that the rebels, being in the defensive, where taken off guard by an attack in the early morning hours, is an indication for the opposition fighters’ lack of training and disciplin: every soldier who passed basic training knows that dusk and dawn are the most dangerous periods for a force in the defense.

(Sources: Al Jazeera; 3 August 2011)


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