Kosovo Crisis – Update

After a meeting last night between the prime minister of Kosovo Hasim Thaci and the EU representatives Robert Cooper and Fernando Gentili, Mr. Thaci repeated that Kosovo will not yield from its position about northern Kosovo.

Hasim Thaci also emphasized that a return to the status quo is out of question. “Respecting Kosovo’s Constitution, the parliamentary resolution on the dialogue and territorial integrity are issues which will not be discussed with the Serbian authorities,” Tachi said. He believes the Jarinje and Brnjak crossings are election issues for the Serbian government, but existential issues for Kosovo.

The leader of the government in Pristina Hasim Thaci was one of the founders of the underground “Kosovo Liberation Army” in 1993 and became its de-facto leader in 1998. For attacks on Yugoslav police and army installation he was sentenced to 10 years in prision in absentia by a Serbian court. Since 1999 Thaci is the leader of the UCK-successor organization PDK, since the elections in 2007 he is prime minister of Kosovo.

In a separate statement Kosovo president Atifete Jahjaga criticized the EU law enforcement agency EULEX for not doing enough against smuggling and organized crime. Ms. Jahjaga also accused EULEX of not acting in a neutral manner.

Meanwhile another crisis was solved successfully for the time being: the hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica received 22 oxygen bottles last evening after a lorry finally was allowed to cross the Jarinje border crossing with the life-saving supplies. Hospital director Milan Jakovljevic told Tanjug that the oxygen is enough for the next month or so.

The hospital has already received units of blood and is expecting dialysis and blood transfusion sets, as well as other medical supplies. Expressing gratitude for the aid, Jakovljevic said it will allow the hospital to work at full capacity.

(Sources: Middle East & Balkans New, Tanjug; 3 August 2011)


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