Syria: Phonelines Into Hama Cut – Tanks Firing Into The City

Fresh explosions have erupted in the Syrian city of Hama today as President Bashar al-Assad’s government showed no signs of halting the intense military assault against an uprising, now in its fifth month.

Syrian tanks occupied the main Orontes Square in central Hama, residents said on Wednesday. The square has been the venue of some of the largest demonstrations against Assad’s rule during the uprising.

“The regime is using the media focus on the Hosni Mubarak trial to finish off Hama,” one of the residents told Reuters via satellite phone from the city, referring to the televised trial of the former Egyptian president. The resident added that the shelling concentrated on al-Hader district, large parts of which were was razed during a 1982 military assault on Hama that killed around 30,000.

Details on the explosions heard early on Wednesday were unclear, as phone lines to Hama appeared to have been cut, making it impossible to confirm events on the ground.

(Sources: Al-Jazeera, Reuters; 3 August 2011)


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