Directly Reporting From Kosovo

We are on our way to northern Kosovo right now, expect to arrive in Kosovska Mitrovica early afternoon.

So on one hand things on this blog might slow down a bit, but on the other hand our Kosovo-coverage will obviously be first-hand and uploaded as soon and as regularly as possible.

We will be shooting images for a prestigious German daily newspaper, we also work for an agency an american paper, but of course we will post anything interesting here ASAP.



About Johann Brandstätter

Photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Bulgaria, working mainly in the Balkans and the Middle East. Conflicts & crises, social and environmental issues, defense & military, travel, transportation.
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One Response to Directly Reporting From Kosovo

  1. While this comment does NOT directly reflect on the madness now taking place between Serbia and Kosovo, it identifies the reality of the madness that permits such to take place, worldwide and I ask that it be permitted on this board. Thank you.

    With all respect for Jan Lundberg, I must differ and oppose his otherwise excellent article

    “How The U.S. Population Can Overcome Its World Class Confusion” as found at:

    America’s problems can’t be described as mere ‘confusion’ about its purported goals, and its actions, including war crimes, towards and against millions of defenseless others.

    America’s taxpayers, the root support for the will of America’s Corporations to grow their profits, whatever the cost or consequences to all others, are guilty of ignoring their lawful duty to REFUSE to support a society that would rely on the murder of millions in order to continue “The American Dream”.

    Their only possible ‘confusion’ is this:

    “Why is it that we can’t seem to expand our dreams of ‘More!’ without reliance on our will and capacity to mass murder as a solution to whatever ‘strife’ we are told, by our ‘Political Masters’, must be addressed and confronted, lest our cherished freedoms to do and say what must be done and said . . . are lost to the need to silence all criticisms of what we have permitted to take place in our name and with our tax dollars?”

    The only possible solution to such madness is this:

    Each and every person who purports to be ‘An American Patriot’ MUST do all that they can to bring about a national awareness of the crimes committed in their names in order that America’s out of control (Beyond control?) Corporations can continue to profit; while some 60% of all Americans suffer a devastating reversal in their search to provide for a meaningful life for themselves and their families.

    That, I say to Jan Lundberg and all others, must soon be your guiding priority, or expect to lose ALL of your freedoms, the totality of whatever pride you may still possess, while embracing the shame that you know is rightfully yours for having permitted your ‘Leaders’ to do what they must to help your now destructive corporations succeed beyond their most evil hopes and aspirations.

    As the person who started “The Tax Refusal’ in Canada in 1980, I continue to urge all Canadians to REFUSE to aid, abet, fund or otherwise support our nation while it participates in America’s plans and preparations to use its nuclear arsenal and / or other weapons of mass murder ‘If Necessary!’ in order that it may control all access to the majority of the world’s remaining oil and other resources.

    Further: I ask all Americans who have not yet been perverted by the dictates of America’s ‘Greed Is Good!’ corporations to consider this:

    Your silence, your surrender to the direct, implicit and openly voiced demands of such corporations that they be lawfully permitted to do as they will, and your ‘grant’ via now meaningless elections to such ‘Leaders’ of the odious right to torture, maim or murder whoever they wish, without trial or any form of ‘due process’, or possibility of a just retribution, shames you, all of you.

    Now living in Cambodia where I have had opportunity to study the devastating effects of America’s corporate greed for ‘More!’ regardless the costs to all others, I can affirm that I am pleased and surprised beyond measure that they have actually forgiven the people of America for the war crimes committed against them in association with America’s war of choice against Vietnam.

    That ‘War of Choice’ resulted in the murder of more than 2 MILLION Vietnamese. And some 58,000+ American soldiers, boys really, who had to die and hundreds of thousands more returned home missing legs, arms, eyes and functioning minds in order that such as ‘America’s People of Merit’, being the chief shareholders of America’s Military / Industrial / Political complex, could prosper in accordance to their claim of an ‘American right’ to do so.

    The people of Cambodia lost a proportionate amount to that ‘Will to Kill” by ‘America’s Killing Machine’ as guided and applauded by Henry Kissinger. The very same Henry Kissinger who looked upon America’s soldiers as mere tools, as ‘useless eaters’ to be used at will for his purposes and that of the Corporations who still heed his every word.

    Americans may thank Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen for his determination to put the past behind them and look forward to a better future. But his generosity, his efforts and his forgiveness of the American people for permitting those war crimes against his people has NOT been matched by America.

    It continues to avoid its responsibility to fund ongoing treatment for the hundreds of thousands who were, and continue be, harmed by the millions of unexploded ‘bomblets’ that curse the lives of Cambodians as they struggle to grow their crops in fields that hide the presence of such dangers.

    While the people of Vietnam were able to recover, and do so with NO help from an America that owed them, Cambodians continue to struggle in their efforts to find and dispose of such dangers; and do so with little help from the outside world.

    The ‘Photos Page’ at attests to the curse of all such weapons, a curse that lasts long past the time when such war criminals should have been indicted, found guilty and imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

    It is NOT ‘confusion’ that now curses America’s hopes to recover what previously won it a special respect, worldwide. It is their failure to maintain and heed their conscience. May they soon address that failure. Thank you.

    Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

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