Libya: Transitional Council Leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil Dismisses Top Ministers

Benghazi, 8 August: the chairman of the  National Transitional Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdel Jalil, dismissed the entire executive office of the NTC.

An NTC spokesperson said, that prime minister Mahmud Jibril was tasked to create a new executive office.

Mr. Jalil fired several ministers – including those responsible for finance, defense and information – while calling for a thorough reform. Insiders have frequently commented on the infights between the NTC, whose members are mainly Libya-based lawyers and former members of the Gaddafi regime, and the executive office, where the majority was living in exile.

Meanwhile, several powerful explosions happened in Tripoli today. A series of massive blasts occurred in the Fernej district of the capital in the middle of the night, followed by a succession of smaller explosions, suggesting that an arms or explosives depot has been hit. Two more explosions followed in this morning around 0600 hrs.

On the battlefield, rebel forces have been trying to defend the latest gains in ground against a major offensive of Gaddafi troops. Rebels in the area of Zlitan have admitted that they are running low in ammunition as they are making a stand against the loyalists. A spokesman said, that the opposition forces lack the ammunition to continue their advances, so they dig in to avoid loosing ground.

(Sources: Al Arabyia; 9 August 2011)


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