Turkish Air Force Attacks Targets In Kurdistan, Northern Iraq

The Turkish General Staff confirmed today, that several Turkish Air Force F-16C fighter bombers have attacked 60 targets in northern Iraq last night.

Before the air raid, Turkish artillery put 168 targets, also on Iraqi territory, “under heavy fire” . The attacks are a direct response to the recent PKK-operations in Turkey which left eight Turkish soldiers dead.

The statement on the website of the Turkish General Staff also suggests, that the operations were conducted successfully. On the other hand, there is still no information available about the result on the Kurdish guerilla fighters. Neither the PKK nor Turkish or Iraqi authorities gave any indication about what exactly was hit, what was destroyed and if any of the PKK fighters were killed or wounded.

The Turkish news agency Anadolu only wrote, that the necessary care was taken to avoid civilian casualties.

A reason for the lack of information could be that the targets are located in a remote and mountainous region in the northeastern corner of Iraq, close to the border of Iran and Turkey.

(Sources: Anadolu, Turkish General Staff; 18 August 2011)


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