Balkan News Service

Balkan News Service: The Unbiased Observers

The ‘Unbiased Observers‘ is an English-language newsletter service for embassies, businesses and individuals that are based in a Balkan country or else have interest in daily news about politics, economy and hot topics in the region.

The ‘Unbiased Observers‘ covers Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

All sources are quoted for reader’s convenience. In addition to the early timing, one of the competitive advantages of the newsletter is that it bridges the span between “now” and “tomorrow” and suggests the upcoming issues. The information is presented in a balanced and objective way.


Until 31 August the ‘Unbiased Observers‘ will be free. After 1 September 2011 access to it will only be for subscribers.


(FREE until 1 September 2011 )

1 month: € 21.-

3 months: € 57.- (€19.– per month)

6 months: € 105,- (€17.50 per month)

12 months: € 195,- (€16.25 per month)

To subscribe please send an e-mail to:


The newsletter will be issued at 6:30 am UTC every day Monday to Friday


The newsletter will be sent as a pdf-file per e-mail. In addition you will have access to the ‘Unbiased Observers‘ and other selected articles in the password-protected section on our news blog Middle East & Balkans News (English) or Nahost & Balkan News (Deutsch)


For certain topics we can provide you with a more in-depth information. Should you require a follow-up research please e-mail us for a quote.


You can order topic-related images or photo reports by contacting us at For some topics you can view low-res images on our portfolio website JB Photography.


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