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Iran To Practice Closing Strait Of Hormuz During New Military Exercise

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Iranian media announced earlier this month that the navy of the Republican Guards will hold exercises around the Strait of Hormuz during which it will practice closing the vital sea-lane in the shortest possible time. Shortly after the Iranian Navy … Continue reading

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Lockheed To Produce Missile Defense Weapon System For U.A.E.

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Amid raising tensions in the Persian Gulf and around the Strait of Hormuz, the U.S. company Lockheed Martin announced on 30 December its receipt of a contract to produce THAAD Missile Defense Systems for the United Arab Emirates. The deal, … Continue reading

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Strait of Hormuz – Iran Playing With Fire Around The Strategic Bottleneck

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In the last few days several Iranian officials have renewed threats that the Islamic Republic might block the waterway from the Persian Gulf into the Gulf of Oman known as the Strait of Hormuz. But what exactly is it that … Continue reading

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Iran Discovers New Natural Gas Field In Caspian Sea

Shana news agency reported earlier this month that Iranian experts have discovered a large natural gas field 700 meters under the surface of the Caspian Sea. The Iranian Minister for Petroleum, Rostam Qasemi, was quoted as saying that the entire field is … Continue reading

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Iran Is To Hold Navy Drills In Gulf Of Oman, Indian Ocean

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The exercises with the code name Velayat 90 were announced by the commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari in Teheran last Saturday. The naval drills will take place in the Gulf of Oman and the northern Indian … Continue reading

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Countering Iran: U.S. Helps Saudi Arabia To Upgrade It’s Air Defense

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The U.S. Congress and the State Department have approved the upgrading of Saudi Patriot missiles by the manufacturer Raytheon. The Patriot air-defense system, bought by Saudi Arabia in wake of the first Gulf War in 1990, will now be upgraded … Continue reading

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IAEA Confirms: Iran Is Working On Nuclear Weapons

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) published a report yesterday that confirmed that Iran is working to produce weapons-grade Uranium for nuclear warheads. In a report dated from 8 November the international atomic energy watchdog stated for the first time … Continue reading

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